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Professional 3D Printer

The ProJet 6000/7000 range of 3D printers offer fast and high quality SLA printing with exceptional ease-of-use. These 'crossover' printers deliver very high part quality for the toughest applications. The ProJet 6000 range delivers up to 250 x 250 x 250 mm net build volume and the 7000 a build volume of 380 x 380 x 250.






The ProJet 6000 HD offers three choices of print resolution (HD/UHD/XHD), a choice of 8 VisiJet SL materials including the VisiJet SL Flex and Clear, and an easy touch screen interface to control the printing operations.

The ProJet 6000/7000 offers a wide range of materials to suit different applications, engineering, dental and jewellery.


  • VisiJet SLFlex
  • VisiJet SLTough
  • VisiJet SLClear
  • VisiJet SLBlack
  • VisiJet SLImpact
  • VisiJet SLHiTemp
  • VisiJet SLe-Stone
  • VisiJet SLJewel

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