3D Printing for Education & Engineering

If you are looking for a 3D printer to do your own 3D printing. Then the CubeX is the printer, ideal printer perfect for education and entry level engineering applications, low cost, easy to use, low maintenance and low cost of consumables, prefect for a quick build of your prototype models.

The CubeX builds objects by building layers using plastic filament in ABS or PLA and is based on the notion of producing one-off pieces without the need for moulds. It can be used in a range of disciplines and for a myriad of products from jewellery to fashion, aerospace to automotive, dental to medical devices.

The CubeX is a low cost, low maintenance 3D Printer designed for education with the intent to have the students operate the machine themselves.

The CubeX comes with up to 3 print heads allowing you to simultaneously print 3 colours (CubeX, Duo and Trio). Two materials, PLA and ABS are available in 30 colours.

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