3D Printing Overview

3D Printing is the process where a 3D CAD design model is directly manufactured in a machine without any tooling using an additive process. Generally the 3D printer builds up the part by adding layers of material that can be a variety materials including plastic, resins, starch powder, paper or metal powder.

Camplex offers the full range of 3D printing from 3D Systems, the inventor of 3D printing back in the eighties. Depending on your application you will require a 3D printing technology that best suits your business. Camplex will have a solution that fits your application as 3D Systems offers the broadest range of technologies in the industry and includes technologies such as FDM, Zprinting, ProJet, SLA, SLS and SLM.

Choice of materials is essential in 3D printing. The ProJet 3500 series printers use VisiJet line of plastic materials that offers numerous capabilities to meet a variety of commercial applications. VisiJet materials are designed to build accurate, high-definition models and prototypes for proof of concept, functional testing, master patterns for moldmaking, direct investment casting, for transportation, energy, consumer products, recreation, healthcare, education and other vertical markets.

Toughness, high temperature resistance, durability, stability, water proof, biocompatibility, castability are a few of the key attributes you will find within the VisiJet materials line.

Parts can be drilled, glued, painted, plated, etc. Support material offers easy, non-hazardous post processing and preserves delicate features.

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