Dental Milling Machine

The Roland DWX-50 dental milling machine is a high speed precision milling machine that rivals many much more expensive machines.

The DWX-50 dental milling machine features 5-axis simultaneous machining capability and a 5-station automatic tool changer with tool length sensor that together streamlines the production process. A diagnostic notification system is included as well, alerting the operator of system errors and upon job completion.

The DWX-50 mills a variety of materials, including wax, PMMA and zirconia, and is built on open technology for easy integration with commercially available dental prosthetic software and hardware systems. The DWX-50 dental milling machine offers multi-cast capability, up to four machines can be connected to one computer, allowing labs to easily add production capacity.

The DWX-50 includes an integrated air blower system that aids with difficult to machine materials, such as PMMA or zirconia, along with a built-in dust collection tray that can be easily connected to any lab vacuum system, keeping the cutting area clean and free of debris.

The digital laboratory system from Camplex is a complete dental restoration system with software, scanners and milling machine. The system is “open” which means you are not locked in to using our materials and machines. The software and hardware interfaces with many other existing systems which means you can to put together a system that suits your requirements including using your existing scanners.

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High Speed Precision Dental Milling at a very affordable price