3D Printing Software

Magics RP is a leading software, from Materialise BV, for preparing STL CAD models for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing applications. 3D printing machines use 3D CAD models converted to STL format, a 3D shell made up of triangles. To achieve a correct result in your 3D printer the model you use has to be a perfect solid STL shell with no holes or ambiguous detail.

Magics reads in a model in either STL or other CAD data formats and automatically repairs any problems with the STL model. There are many useful operations that Magics can perform on the STL model that assists in manufacturing the model and is a valuable tool for any 3D printing operation and ensures efficient operation of your 3D printing machines.

  • STL fixing, stiching, repairing holes etc
  • 3D Nesting of STL Models
  • Create a wall section from a STL shell
  • Cut operations for making the part in sections with location features to assist in assembling the model
  • Wrap function for wrapping a new STL over a poor STL
  • Boolean Shell Operations
  • Support Generation for Additive Manufacturing
  • Generating Build Platforms

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