DOF Dental Scanners

DOF Degree of Freedom HD 

DOF is one of the most popular dental scanners on the market. The reason for that is accuracy, fast and efficient scanning process, ease-of-use and price. The DOF is one of the most affordable scanners on the market.

Features of the DOF HD:

  1. The scanned model only rotates in the XY plane, the table rotates and the camera rotates around the model.
  2. Large scanning area, fits an entire articulator.
  3. With All-In-One scan you can scan model and die in one operation
  4. Multi-die scan, allows you to scan 7 dies in one scan, saving scanning time
  5. Open scanner that interfaces with many CAD systems including exocad
  6. Impression scanning
  7. Scanning of pencil marking

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