Milling Machines

For small low cost and reliable milling machines the Roland range is hard to beat. The JWX range is aimed at the jewellery model making and the MDX range is aimed at the model making and prototyping industry.

SRM-20 is an ideal low cost model making machine for industrial and education use costing around $5,000 + GST. The SRM-20 is a 3-axis machine with an automatic tool length setter.

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JWX-30 is the latest and more advanced model making machine designed for the jewellery industry costing around $20,000 + GST. It is very fast and accurate and comes with special jewellery fixture set to suit rings and flat jewellery.   

the JWX-30 has been discontinued but we may be able to source a second hand machine

MDX-40A is an excellent model making machine with a larger machine envelope. Price for base machine is around $11,000 + GST. It can be fitted with a rotary 4th axis (MDX-40R). A tool length setter is standard. 


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MDX-540 is the professional robust precision mill that can be fitted with a 4 station automatic tool changer and a rotary 4th axis.

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The Arum Milling Machine is a full 5-axis high performance milling centre, specifically designed for the dental industry, equipped with a high speed spindle and 9 station tool changer. The Arum mill is capable to cut most materials including, zirconia, e.max, titanium and cobalt-chrome. 
                Cutting envelope: X245 Y110 Z165
                Feed speed: 6000mm/min
                Cutting speed: 1000mm/min
                Spindle speed: 30,000 or 60,000 RPM
                Automatic tool changer: 6 or 9 tools

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