Reverse engineering for Solidworks, with HighRES

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Camplex is pleased to announce the local launch of HighRES for Solidworks - a gold partner plug-in tool for working with digitised and laser scanned data within Solidworks. HighRES offers the ability to connect to a portable 3D measuring device, such as a CMM Arm, laser tracker, or laser scanner, and measure and capture 2D and 3D features, including complex 3D surface shapes from laser scanners.

Points, and digitized elements, can be captured and created on the fly allowing the user the ability to design while they digitize. This offers real time creation of the model, as well as  the ability to compare the actual part to the physical model. Part-to-Cad user defined co-ordinates and alignments make it possible to align the digitizer to any user drawn coordinate system in Solidworks. They can also be stored and recalled on demand if the system is shutdown and restarted so part repeatable digitizer accuracy error is not introduced during the digitizing session.

HighRES enhances Solidworks by offering:-

  • Fully integrated into the SolidWorks Command Manager, Toolbar, Main Menu and Property Manager.
  • Interactive digitizing and editing of 2D and 3D digitized sketch entities (rectangles, circles, lines, arcs, curves, splines).
  • Creation of reference geometry planes on the fly.
  • Property Manager displaying the updated digitizer’s coordinate system with (DRO) digital read out of digitizer co-ordinates along with the probe cursor tracking in single or multiple SolidWorks views.
  • HighRES allows for digitized points to be stored and recalled for later use. Scan data sets can be modified and written out to Microsoft Excel for analysis, or for reporting.
  • HighRES significantly enhances productivity by working directly in your native CAD environment. 

To read more about HighRES for Solidworks click here

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