Bureau Services

Risk free introduction to CADCAM

The Camplex bureau provides the perfect opportunity for companies to evaluate software in "real-life" applications before commiting to a major CADCAM investment. It also provides the opportunity to benchmark existing in-house CADCAM systems against the Delcam suite of CADCAM software.

Fluctuations in workload

Many companies have their own CADCAM facilities, however, wide variations in workload often makes it difficult to cover brief peaks in workload. Camplex's bureau is perfectly suited to fulfil short term CADCAM requirements.

Availablity of specialist skills

Fulfilling all of a customer's requirements can prove a difficult task as it places demands upon skills not immediately available in-house. Camplex maintains a wide variety of specialist skills across a broad range of industries and has access to facilities and technologies to suit most applications.

Access to other software

Most companies have occasional requirements for alternative software solutions. Camplex's bureau is able to provide access to a wide variety of software solutions not normally available in-house.