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Product Design Services

Camplex has been involved in industrial design for many years. Our expertise is in good product design while keeping in mind how the product should be manufactured. There are many factors to consider to determine the most suitable manufacturing process, part unit cost, required part material properties, aesthetics, part complexity, production volume, just to name a few.

Today we have many different manufacturing processes to choose from. Most products today are made in some plastic material that is generally injection moulded. If the part is large, like a water tank, another moulding process like rotary moulding may be more economical. The tooling for plastic injection moulding is quite expensive but manufacturing in large volumes it becomes very economical.

For low volume of small to medium sized parts 3D printing can be very economical as there are no tooling costs involved. 3D printing is also perfect for custom made parts that are common in many medical applications like dental dentures.

There are many options available and Camplex is well equipped to suggest different manufacturing options that will optimise performance and costs for your product.