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STIKA SV-8, SV-12, SV-15  Desktop Cutters

The ultimate hobby and small decal machines for offices, schools, restaurants and stores, STIKA desktop cutters produce colorful POP displays, labels, iron-ons, and more. Creating custom vinyl graphics has never been faster or more affordable.



Available in 3 Sizes

Accepts media from 200 to 215mm wide and cuts up to 160mm wide

Accepts media from 280 to 305mm wide and cuts up to 250mm wide.

Accepts media from 360 to 381 mm wide and cuts up to 340mm wide.



Easy and Fun to Use

Making professional-looking graphics is a snap with the STIKA. Simply design your graphics with bundled Roland CutStudio software, peel away the excess vinyl, and apply. It’s that easy. You can even contour cut printed graphics using your desktop printer and the STIKA driver. With a convenient USB port just like common desktop printers, the STIKA offers plug-and-play capabilities for both Mac and PC systems. USB included.



Use a Range of Masks and Materials

Paint mask
Heat transfer
Etching material



A Simple Print then Cut Solution

In addition to cutting vinyl and other materials, STIKA desktop cutters can be used as a simple and cost-effective solution for contour cutting printed graphics. Users print registration marks with their desktop printer, load the printed graphic into the STIKA, then send the file to the STIKA for contour cutting the graphics.

CutStudio Software Included

Every STIKA comes with Roland CutStudio. This powerful design software lets you reduce, re-position, rotate, tile and mirror images. It enlarges images as crisp as original size and cuts TrueType fonts without outlining. CutStudio supports BMP, JPG, STX, AI, and EPS file formats. Plugins for Adobe Illustrator (Mac and PC) and Corel Draw (PC) are also included. Learn more about CutStudio.